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Benidorm Golf Club will hold its summer tournament and dinner.

June 22nd, 2011

On Saturday June 25, Benidorm Golf Club will hold its summer tournament and dinner. Competition open to all Federated and under the Stableford Individual mode which will take place at the Golf Villaitana Entries can be in: Golf Caddie Master Villaitana: 966813013. Centauro Group is sponsoring this tournament (

The final characteristics of the tournament are:

§ Field Villaitana Levante. Output order of handicap.

§ Modality: Individual Stableford, except category 1 gentlemen who play Medal Play.

§ 3 categories 2 categories of knights and ladies (if the Ladies are not registered more than 18 will be played one category).

§ trophies and awards to top 3 finishers in each category.

§ Special Award Trophy and the closest ball to all par 3.

§ Trophy and Prize for the best junior (under 18).

§ Trophy and Prize for the best classified for Ladies and Gentlemen scratch.

§ be given a bag full PICNIC participants and water and soft drinks will be half completed.

§ gifts will be given out.

The awards consist of lots of wine and golf sports equipment.

The awards ceremony will take place during the dinner will be held Levante Club Hotel at 21.30. For more information, contact the Golf Club Benidorm

Saint John’s midsummer celebrations to enjoy the shortest night of the year.

June 17th, 2011

Saint John’s Night is a very old celebration which is held in honour of the arrival of the summer sostilce in the northern hemisphere and the main ritual is to light a bonfire.

The ritual is intended to “give the sun strength“, as it gets weaker and weaker from this day onwards, during the shorter days leading up to winter solstice. Symbolically fire was also thought to “purify” those that gazed at it. This feast is celebrated in many parts of Europe, although it is well established in Spain and in particular in Alicante because it’s the feast day of the local patron saint.

In Benidorm this deeply-rooted festivity is celebrated with the spectacular Saint John’s Bonfire called Hogueras de San Juan. The different associations that celebrate this feast including la hoguera de la Cala, la hoguera del Mercado put their bonfire monuments and figures on display for a few days for locals and tourists to see. The city is decorated for the special occasion and numerous events are put on to be enjoyed.

The big party though is held at night on the 23rd of June SAINT JOHN’S NIGHT, where the city of Benidorm takes over the beaches from early on in the evening. Families, friends, tourists light their bonfires, put down their towels and get ready to have lots of fun on the shortest, most magical night of the year.
It’s custom to take everything needed to make the festivities on the sand a great success: wood for the bonfires, wishes made on pieces of paper to be burnt, good music and an appetite for scrumptious things to eat.

At 12:00 midnight the neighbourhood bonfires are burnt and the young people jump over the embers, go for a swim in the sea, jump over waves and make three wishes. The party is a guaranteed success, open-air celebrations and dances, games, swims in the sea, fireworks, nobody wants to stay indoors.  Come and find out what Saint John’s night is like in Benidorm.

There are great deals to be had when you make your reservation to share the magical Saint John’s night with us. Don’t forget that if you book before the 30th of June you’ll get a 5% discount. Don’t miss out on this offer.

Terra Natura – Aqua Natura a summer full of adventure

June 10th, 2011

Benidorm is a city that is well known for its fun and leisure. Both visitors and locals have a huge range of options available to have a great time on holiday. If you want to have a day with wildlife, you’re a nature and animal lover and you like adventure come to Terra Natura- Aquanatura, this is what you’re looking for.

There are two parks in the complex, Terra Natura is an animal and nature park and Aquanatura is a water park which guarantees adventure and helps you fight off the summer heat at the same time.

Terra natura is a trip through Nature and ancient civilisations. It goes through three of the five continents -America, Asia and Europe-, which are preceded by the entrance area which is based on the origins of the Earth: Pangea.
Each area in Terra Natura represents one of Nature’s elements, Pangea is fire, America is air, Asia is earth and Europe is water.
A huge volcano overlooks the planet’s origins, Pangea, which is protected by enormous metal insects. Visitors have three route options. One of them is Europe, the continent can be accessed through the Mediterranean wood, and another route starts at a town based on the region of Rajasthan that represents Asia and finally one town from Nicaragua and another from Guatemala stand for America.
There are 1500 animals from 200 species living on 32 hectares of land (54 of which are in danger of extinction) for visitors to see on their journey.  The park’s charm has been enhanced with performances like the new musical Pocahontas and the Monta western show. There’s also a zip-line to throw yourself from and you can see the elephants having lunch.

The big stars of this park are undoubtedly the animals, with their lovely, touching stories; the elephant Petita that has her own book about her life in the park called the Little Trunk “Trompetita”, Amy a white handed Gibbon or Kali a small tiger born last November that was rejected by her mother and has been raised ever since, day and night by the park keepers.  You can download the audio guides for the park free of charge on the park’s Website and create your own tour as if you had your own personal guide right beside you.

Aquanatura is the water park of the complex, where you can go for a refreshing swim and have lots of fun with your family or friends: the whole park covers 28,000 m²; it includes a wave pool, slides, an aquarium, and swimming pools for adults and kids.  This year there are new attractions for visitors to go snorkelling with the sea lions, take beginners courses in diving with a diving cylinders or even experience an authentic underwater gymkhana,. Other activities to be enjoyed include the aqua gym, kiddies’ games and the Aquarock competition, where the youngest of visitors will get a chance to sing different songs in the karaoke whilst they have a swim in the water. The line 1 city bus will take you to the park from our hotel, there’s a stop right outside the hotel that will drop you off at the park.

Book you Hotel now we have amazing deals available and you can enjoy a great day of adventure too.

Motorbike Rally, feel the wind in your face

June 3rd, 2011

If motorbikes are your passion, you will thoroughly enjoy this weekend.  Chapter Costa Blanca Spain is celebrating its 4th Motorbike Rally and Day of Fun and the 108th birthday of Harley Davidson.
Place: Alfaz del Pi, at the Parque de Los Eucaliptus in EL ALBIR which is only 4 km from our hotel. You can get the Line 10 bus Benidorm – Alfaz del Pí that will pick you up right outside the hotel and drop you off at the event.

Sunday the 5th of June, 2011 get on your bike and feel the wind in your face.

Get our bodies ready for the summer

June 1st, 2011

The benefits of the Pilates method are obvious straight away and it has been recommended by specialists, physiotherapists and personal trainers and coaches for years.

The fact that its well-known benefits are sometimes distorted by advertising campaigns to sell the Pilates Method as just another product shouldn’t be forgotten. These campaigns have sold it as being the answer to getting rid of cellulite, to get a slim, sculpted figure. It’s true that the Pilates method does tend to shape your body and sculpt your figure but not miraculously or mysteriously, the changes occur naturally, and they depend on the physical characteristics of the individual in question. That is why you have to be aware of the main objective of this physical fitness system whose results depend on muscle oxygenation and the enhanced suppleness of the body.

Among other things on a physical level, the Pilates method helps to:

  • Firm up your body by improving your general physical condition
  • Get healthier joints by increasing your body’s mobility and flexibility
  • Gain physical strength and stamina which in turn prevents injury
  • Enhance the mind’s control over the body which consequently builds up self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Correct and change bad postures that can cause different types of ailments and it improves the body’s equilibrium in general

In addition to the physical results, the Pilates method is also beneficial mentally and spiritually when it is carried out regularly as it relaxes and strengthens the body and mind and focuses especially on the attitudes and values of the individual in question. Above all the Pilates method is a discipline and as such, it requires commitment and consistency from everyone who does it.

Go on! Why don’t you try out the Pilates method at our Gym in the Luxor spa & fitness center Benidorm in our group classes that are guided by expert instructors. We’re waiting for you!!

: Get our bodies ready for the summer

May 25th, 2011

We have to really focus on this wonderful season that gives us life. This is the time of year when we start to prepare our bodies for the long awaited summer. For facial care we recommend our DE LUXE FACIAL treatment that will soothe your face after all the springtime changes, boost your skin’s natural protection, cleanse and balance its tone and restore its glow.

And as the summer sun has started to shine and our clothes are getting lighter, why don’t you get rid of that unsightly cellulite and water retention that makes you feel so bloated. You can firm up your body, smooth your legs and feel much lighter with CAVITATION.

The sun is our source of life and energy; we should make it our ally. For splendid skin, shiny hair and to get the best out of the sun, we have to be ready inside and out to soak up this powerful energy without damaging ourselves.

A summer without any nasty surprises

So that you don’t get caught out when you put your bikini on and so that you can wear it at ease we have DEPILATION sessions available, don’t forget that having started this treatment it should be continued. Its success rate depends on consistency and starting a routine that should be followed daily.

Remember to pamper your body; this is how you’ll look fantastic on the beach and around the pool.

A complete emergency plan for perfect holidays!

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