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Terra Natura – Aqua Natura a summer full of adventure

June 10th, 2011

Benidorm is a city that is well known for its fun and leisure. Both visitors and locals have a huge range of options available to have a great time on holiday. If you want to have a day with wildlife, you’re a nature and animal lover and you like adventure come to Terra Natura- Aquanatura, this is what you’re looking for.

There are two parks in the complex, Terra Natura is an animal and nature park and Aquanatura is a water park which guarantees adventure and helps you fight off the summer heat at the same time.

Terra natura is a trip through Nature and ancient civilisations. It goes through three of the five continents -America, Asia and Europe-, which are preceded by the entrance area which is based on the origins of the Earth: Pangea.
Each area in Terra Natura represents one of Nature’s elements, Pangea is fire, America is air, Asia is earth and Europe is water.
A huge volcano overlooks the planet’s origins, Pangea, which is protected by enormous metal insects. Visitors have three route options. One of them is Europe, the continent can be accessed through the Mediterranean wood, and another route starts at a town based on the region of Rajasthan that represents Asia and finally one town from Nicaragua and another from Guatemala stand for America.
There are 1500 animals from 200 species living on 32 hectares of land (54 of which are in danger of extinction) for visitors to see on their journey.  The park’s charm has been enhanced with performances like the new musical Pocahontas and the Monta western show. There’s also a zip-line to throw yourself from and you can see the elephants having lunch.

The big stars of this park are undoubtedly the animals, with their lovely, touching stories; the elephant Petita that has her own book about her life in the park called the Little Trunk “Trompetita”, Amy a white handed Gibbon or Kali a small tiger born last November that was rejected by her mother and has been raised ever since, day and night by the park keepers.  You can download the audio guides for the park free of charge on the park’s Website and create your own tour as if you had your own personal guide right beside you.

Aquanatura is the water park of the complex, where you can go for a refreshing swim and have lots of fun with your family or friends: the whole park covers 28,000 m²; it includes a wave pool, slides, an aquarium, and swimming pools for adults and kids.  This year there are new attractions for visitors to go snorkelling with the sea lions, take beginners courses in diving with a diving cylinders or even experience an authentic underwater gymkhana,. Other activities to be enjoyed include the aqua gym, kiddies’ games and the Aquarock competition, where the youngest of visitors will get a chance to sing different songs in the karaoke whilst they have a swim in the water. The line 1 city bus will take you to the park from our hotel, there’s a stop right outside the hotel that will drop you off at the park.

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Benidorm, the city that doesn’t sleep

June 1st, 2011

Apart from being one of the main tourist destinations with its beaches and its attractions for grown ups and kids, Benidorm is also a great place to relax and go out with friends at night. There are hundreds of different types of bars to choose from.

Benidorm at night is captivating. The sea, the thousands of coloured lights beside enormous buildings that welcome you. If you are with friends, you’ll be able to have fun at some of the best parties around and if you’re with your partner you can have a nice romantic dinner next to the sea.

There is something different on every night so you can enjoy yourself to the full. You’ll find bars for all ages along the Levante beach: there are bars with rock pumping out; others with the most danceable music to get you going and others with more peaceful tunes for those who prefer to listen to music over a good conversation.

For football fans, many bar terraces have big TV screens so that clients can watch all the sporting events. For those who want to have a good  pint of beer there’s a wide variety of very cosy British pubs in the street, calle Gerona, where you can get a nice thirst quenching brew for a fantastic price.

That is why you should relax and have a proper rest in the day because the night life in Benidorm goes on to the early hours of the morning and is full of excitement. So if you need to get away from all that stress, don’t wait any longer, come and visit Benidorm; you’ll have fun day and night, so much that you’ll forget about going to bed. Pack your bags , book your holidays in Hotel Levante Club Benidorm and set course for the city of fun.

Check-in and check-out in a hotel

May 11th, 2011

Newcomers are told when they can check-in and check-out of a hotel, which means to say “what time they can get into” and “what time they have to leave” their rooms.

Each hotel or hotel chain has its own set of rules on the check-in and check-out times although they are always around midday.

Check-out is normally two or three hours before check-in, this period in between is needed to clean the rooms for the next occupants if the hotel is full. For example, check-out might be at noon, the occupants will have to leave the room by this time and then the next occupants will be able to check-in at three in the afternoon, leaving three hours in between which is enough to have the room completely spick and span.

If you are going to arrive at the hotel before the check-in time, it is a good idea to inform the hotel staff of your intentions; in this way, depending on how full the hotel is, they will then be able to tell you whether you can get into your room a bit earlier, which might cost a little extra. Otherwise you can leave your luggage at the hotel before checking-in whilst you go for a walk. Normally at beach resorts you are almost always allowed to use the facilities whilst your room is being prepared.

Something else that shouldn’t be forgotten is that if you arrive at the hotel at midnight you will be charged for the full night, even if you check-in at 3 or 4 o’ clock in the morning.

Moreover, be very careful when you are checking-out, because if you leave the room after the established time, the hotel will charge you for another day. If you do want to stay on for a few hours the best thing to do is to tell the staff at reception and they will let you know whether if it is at all possible for a little extra, or if you can use the facilities even after you have checked-out of the hotel. Some beach resorts have a rest room and luggage storage room for guests who have checked-out of their rooms, are still using the facilities and want to go for a swim before leaving.

Benidorm is No1 for Valentine’s breaks

February 12th, 2010

Benidorm has out sold Paris, Rome and Venice for short breaks over Valentine’s weekend, according to figures from
The online travel agent said sales of February 14 trips have soared by 55% compared to this time last year, and the Spanish beach resort is the biggest winner.

Managing director Paul Furner said: “We’re totally gobsmacked by the fact that Benidorm has come out on top as the destination of choice for the Valentine’s weekend this year. 

“Demand has also been really strong for short, romantic city breaks, with Rome, Prague, Paris and Amsterdam following hot on Benidorm’s heels.”
Furner added: “We have some fantastic deals to the likes of Paris and Rome but things can get pretty expensive while you’re there. 

“You can understand why an off-peak trip to a fun resort town would certainly have an appeal for the more budget conscious couple.”

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