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Dear clients:

January 25th, 2010

It´s a pleasure for me to inform you that today we are officially inaugurating the “Hotel Levante Club” blog, a company that belongs to Grupo Centauro.

In this blog, different managers within our company structure will communicate  directly with you on a regular basis, giving  our opinions on  various subjects that we think you may find interesting. Therefore, we will write a small article, minimum once a month , that reflects our opinions on subjects that we consider important in the world of tourism for your information and more importantly your feedback. The idea is not to be sensationalist or controversial, but  I  would just  like to make you appreciate and perhaps become  more  interested in the various  aspects of our sector that you may not be aware of.

We would like you to send  any suggestions to and help us discuss subjects of your interest.

We hope we don t disappoint your expectations and that you can share our comments with your friends, because the more of us involved, the more interesting and nourishing will be our discussions.

Maybe you are already subscribed to other blogs regarding the world of tourism but the majority of them are not written by people involved in the company.

Looking forward to receiving your comments.

Best Regards

Erik Devesa Sik
General manager- comercial area

Grupo Centauro

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